Getting Your Business to Your Target Audience.

Let Us Create and Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns.

Google Ads campaigns are one of the most flexible and affordable ways to Market your business to a targeted audience.

Rated Business’s Google Ads campaign management services are a fast way to create and drive traffic to your website and in turn provide you with enquiries from potential customers.

When creating your advertising campaign, we take time to understand your business to better target your audience. The results of a well created Ad can drive immediate traffic to your website or calls on your phone.

Your Budget, You're In Control.

We work within your budget, continually monitoring your Google advertising campaign, and making adjustments where necessary to increase customer engagement and leads.

Our expertise in creating and managing Google Ads puts you in safe hands.

You can pause your campaign any time. It is common for our customers to run a campaign for a few months, build up their work for the months ahead and then instruct us to pause a campaign until they are ready to take on more business. This ensures you are only spending money when it makes business sense. Maximising your return on Investment.

Google Ads. Our Recipe for Success. In 6 Steps!

It's All About You..

1. Rated Business will first discuss what services your business offers whilst also learning about you and the history of your business.

2. Once we have this knowledge we will then use this information to compile target keywords. Keywords are words that your ideal customers would enter into Google.

3. Our experts will use the information you have provided and start by checking what competition you have, the average cost per click (Someone clicking on your advert) and how that relates to the budget you can afford.

Eating Our Words!

4.  We take the information you have provided, the information we have gained from checking out your competitors and our own knowledge in keyword creations, then we put all that goodness into a big mixing bowl, stirring it carefully until we have 5 star keywords good enough to eat. Only then do we whack it in the oven! (Google Ads).

5. Once we have created your campaign we will then switch on your adverts. At this point customers will start seeing your advertisements and engaging.

6. Our work does not stop there. We’ll continue to monitor the performance of your Ads, tweaking them and if necessary creating additional campaigns to slowly perfect performance and return on investment!

Our Team are Ready To Answer Your Questions. To Find Out More, Get In Touch.